James Mowat Born 16 Nov 1705 Hilton, Dunnottar
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James Mowat Born 16 Nov 1705 Hilton, Dunnottar

Transcribed and Compiled by Tammy

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BRICK WALL: Specific and random information I collected while trying to research
James Mowat Born 16 Nov 1705 Hilton, Dunnottar.
This will include trying to find siblings, and parents. We know his father's name is John Mowat, (could be spelled various ways).

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just a list I pulled up for myself while searching for info.

- Mowat births sorted by Place of Birth - sorted by me.

James Mowat  Born 16 Nov 1705

Confirmed Records Here


James Mowat Born 16 Nov 1705 Hilton, Dunnottar

ScotlandsPeople Record: 16/11/1705 MOUATT JAMES JOHN MOUATT/ M Dunnottar /KINCARDINE 255/ 0010 0054
Description: Hilton, Dunnottar. | Godfather's James Young of Hilton, and James Low of Crawton.

FamilySearch.org Record: International Genealogical Index / British Isles
JAMES MOUATT - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Christening: 16 NOV 1705 Dunnottar, Kincardine, Scotland
Father: John Mouatt
Map of Hilton & Crawton
Source Information:
Batch No.:       Dates:          Source Call No.:      Type:      Printout Call No.:        Type:
C112552      1672 - 1677         0993311              Film          6902888                  Film
C112552      1688 - 1754         0993311              Film          6902888                  Film
Sheet: 00
See the note on Hilton here.

James Mowat Birth1705
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OPR Birth Record
The issue at hand is: Trying to find records that confirm that John is James' father, should I say confirm WHICH John is James father, and finding Jame's mother too.
For a comprehensive list of James Mowat's born in Scotland between 1553-1854 visit this page.


James Mowat Married Christian Lindsay
Scotlandspeople Record:

2 March 1731 - Parish/data # 262/ 0020 0268 Kinneff and Catterline
Transcription: 1731 March 2; James Mowat & Christian Lindsay (above named) were married.

FamilySearch.org Record: Spouse: CHRISTIAN LINDSAY
Marriage: 02 MAR 1731 Kinneff And Catterline, Kincardine, Scotland

Source Information:
Batch No.:         Dates:            Source Call No.:      Type:       Printout Call No.:     Type:
M112622           1617 - 1621           0993319           Film           6902901              Film
M112622           1644 - 1734           0993319           Film           6902901              Film
Sheet: 00

I have always thought the James who married Christian Lindsay was the one born in Hilton, Dunnottar (as shown here). What if there is a different James Mowat born in the same Parish number (as he was married in) at a resonable time as to marry Christian Lindsay.
I note that James born in 1705 was born in Dunnottar parish and record 255/ 0010 0054. The marriage takes place in Kinneff and Catterline, parish and record 262/ 0020 0268.

James Mowat Birth1705
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'Family' Connections & Sources

**1) BIG QUESTION: (Dated Sept 25, 2008)
I am questioning if I have the incorrect birth record for James Mowat who married Christian Lindsay.
I don't have a link to Darls tree, but I have her .ftw file. She lists the same James Mowat b. Nov 1705 as the husband for Christian Lindsay.
A look at Donovan's Mowatt Tree, shows that he also lists this same James as the husband to Christian Lindsay.

Speculation Records Here

**2) BIG QUESTION: SIBLINGS (Dated 2008)
The easiest records to match to James Mowat born Nov 1705, are two probable siblings. Here are the records:

FamilySearch.org Record: International Genealogical Index / British Isles. All are in Batch Number: C112552. All father is John

**JAMES MOUATT - International Genealogical Index - Shown here for comparison purposes
Gender: Male Christening: 16 NOV 1705 Dunnottar, Kincardine, Scotland (our main person)
Mouatt Nov 16th John Mouatt in Hilton had a son baptized, James. Godfars, James Young, there & James Low in Crawton~ 255/ 0010 0054 Dunnottar
See the note on Hilton here.

More on Hilton (written in 1810): HILTON John Low Esq and COTTEANR Patrick Stewart These were formerly one property they are situated upon the ceast in the north east corner of the parish and amount to nearly 300 acres Hilton is in general remarkably fertile land and Cottbank is undergoing a course of great improvement under the immediate and judicious management of Mr Stewart himself.
CATTERLINN belongs to the Viscount Aibuthnott and lies south and west from Hilton approaching the sea It extend over upwards of 400 acres The soil is various some of it light and sandy and of very feeble tamina and some of it nearest the shore remarkably deep fertile loam This property on which there are still the ruins of a place of public worship Wag formerly the seat of a parish of the same name It has long however been annexed to Kinneff Hence that which I aqi now describing is called the united parishes of Kinneff and Catterlinn A General View of Kincardineshire, Or, The Mearns Drawn Up and Published by Order of the Board of Agriculture By George Robertson, Board of Agriculture (Great Britain)

James Mowat Birth1705
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OPR Birth Record

WILLIAM MOUATT - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Christening: 07 SEP 1707 Dunnottar, Kincardine, Scotland
Mouatt Sept 7th John Mouatt in Lumgair(sp) had a son baptized, William. Godfars, William Murray (Look you will see William had a child born on the same record as James 1705 in Lumgair). 255/ 0010 0064 Dunnottar

To the best of my abilities, this was the location of Lumgair.
LumgairScotland (130K)

Here is a link to a book that speaks of Lumgair called: The History and Traditions of the Land of the Lindsays in Angus and Mearns, By Andrew Jervise, James Gammack.
Local link to one page here.

William Mowat Birth 1707
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OPR Birth Record

JEALLS MOUATT - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Christening: 19 MAR 1710 Dunnottar, Kincardine, Scotland
Mouatt March 19th John Mouat in Lumgair had a Daughter baptized, Jealls. Witnesses James Johnston & James Watson in Cowic. 255/ 0010 0078 Dunnottar.

Jealls Mowat Birth 1710
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OPR Birth Record
Ideas & Comments:
-Maybe John Mowat moved from Dunnottar to Kinneff & Catterline, perhaps the rest of his children were born there, in the Parish that James was married in (262/ ).

**3) BIG QUESTION: Scotish Naming Paterns and this Family (Dated 2008)

Ideas & Comments:
-Going by the usual Scotish nameing patterns, should we assume that John Mowat's father's name was James? Or do we assume that James is not John's first born.
-I note that James (b 1705) named his first born son William (b. 16 Apr 1732, Fernyflatt(sp?), Kinneff and Catterline, Kincardine 262/ 0030 0033). His second born son was named James 1733. His first born Daughter was named Margaret (b. 1736). His second Daughter was named Esplet (b. 1742).

Donovan Mowatt Further Research and Comments

Info sent to Tammy from Donovan:
On my (Mowat) sampa site I got a message a while ago from Andrew Hadden Mowatt who said he was also a descendant. He posted his tree to me via snail mail. He also has a lot of info but his tree did not have sources. It didn't bother me until I was busy fixing up my gedcom and I found a few things puzzling.

Here is the story.

Robert Mowat married Jane Gordon. He died fairly young - the year before the 1851 census. Jane was left alone with children ranging from William age 3 to Andrew age 24. In the 1851 census everyone is at 23 Reform Street except James age 21.

They seem to have been a a little dysfunctional as a family. By the 1861 census Jane/Jean [Daughter] is living at 28 Reform Street her sister Mary and their three children. There are no spouses and I wonder if these children were born out of wedlock and that their mother may have kicked them out of no 23 as she is still alive according to Andrew who has just given me the details of her death in 1877.

1861 Scotland Census about Jane Mowat
Name: Jane Mowat
Age: 31
Estimated birth year: abt 1830
Relationship: Head
Gender: Female
Where born: Rervie, Kincardineshire
Registration Number: 312
Registration district: Montrose
Civil parish: Montrose
County: Angus
Address: 28 Reform St
ED: 19 Page: 5, Household schedule number: 30 Line: 16 Roll: CSSCT1861_45 Household Members:
Name     Age
Jane Mowat 31
Mary Mowat 1
Mary Mowat 21
William Mowat 5
George Steel 1

James [son] may already have left home as he would have been about 21. He marries Jane Jolly three years later. Andrew has him listed as a baker by occupation.

I was hoping that someone might find the 1841 census confirming him as a child of Jane and Robert.
Here it is:
Click to see larger image off this family, living in Fishers Gate, Bervie, Parish #254 - in the 1841 census:
1841-earlyscotlandcensus-thumb (63K)

Andrew seems to know a lot but unfortunately most of his research was done awhile ago and hand written. He says that James 1733, who moved to Gourdon and built Mowatt Lane, came from Shieldhill Kinneff. Apparently the press gangs came and took the other three brother but because James was cripple that left him alone. He then moved to Gourdon.
Hi Tammy
When reading the statistical account we see that there were not that many people for instance in the Bervie Parish. But I think that Kinneff and Caterline fell into another parish but I am not sure. None the less if I am understaning the numbers correctly then 255 meant the parish number and given that thet all correspond then the likely hood of there being another John Mouat is not likely and therefore I would agree that these are siblings. The only thing I dont then understand is why the marriage number is 262 and also Kinneff ad Catterline. That map I sent you shows Fernyflat quite clearly at the top too.

Click on the Old Map of Catterline for larger view
Old Map of Catterline
Click on the Old Map of Sheildhill for larger view
Old Map of Sheildhill

Good Site For Parish Info.

I have spent a bit of time reflecting on this and have come to the following theory:-

I noticed that the events on the OPR are on irregullar dates. What this suggests to me is that the minister actually travelled to the various places to do the baptisms etc. He therefore would have gone to Hilton for the baptism. But the thing that puzzled me was that Hilton falls into the parish of Kineff and not Dunnottar. This tells me that for some reason John chose to have his son baptized by the Dunnottar minister rather than the Kinneff minister. A possible reason for this could be the religious conflict that was happening at the time. I have scanned two pages from Andrew Simpsons book about Gourdon that tells of these religious problems. It is therefore possible that he want to have his child baptized by the Dunnottar minister for this reason. We take note that the other Godfather was from Crawton which does fall into the Dunnottar parish. The border for the two parishes actually runs between these two farms. It is also possible that Johns wife whom we have not identified may have come the parish of Dunnottar.

What may have then happened was that he was thrown out of the parish for doing this and thus moved to Lumgair - perhaps his wife may have come from there.

Here then the next two siblings are born. Once the religious turmoil was over he may have moved back to the parish of Kinneff. What we can consider is that he was at Lumgair for quite some time as his son James would have met the young Christian Lindsay who may be linked to the Lindsay's from Lumgair.

So either John moved back to Kinneff or James moved there on his own and Christian Lindsay joined him later when they were married. I have no source for Williams birth at Fernyflatt but at some point they must have moved from there to Shieldhill. There are two sources that I have for this. Andrew Hadden Mowatt 1949 who lives in Fife emailed me with the story that Williams brother James [our James] moved to Gourdon with his family after the press gangs came to Shieldhill. The reason they let James of was because he was cripple but the other three brother were taken. This would explain why Williams branch are largely in and around Fetterreso while James's was in Gourdan. I also noticed on a website where Eve had William listed there is a reference to his brother in law who was in the Navy.
The attachments show just how few males there were in the parishes and although they are about 100 years later it does suggest that the likelyhood of another James being there at time is not likely.

The other reference is from the newspaper article "The :Leader" which I have already sent you.
Link: More Information About This Time/Place In History

John Mowat (b. abt. 1680) Family Information

I am going to post the records that I think support a 'family' for our John Mowat, who we are (to this point) researching because we believe he is James, William & Jealls Father.

Possible Family Members

Could this JAMES MOWAT be a BROTHER to our JOHN MOWAT?
Birth record(s) for James Mowat's child/children, same Parish number.
74 02/02/1673 MOWAT MARGTT JAMES MOWAT/ F Dunnottar /KINCARDINE 255/ 0010 0004

Montealto to Movat / Mowat

1. Name change from Montealto to Movat / Mowat Page 228-29
For more info, go to the link on that page that takes you to the entire Google Book.

2. the book, a quote; "The district of Fern so far as known has little to boast of in the way of prehistoric traces though a few warlike remains and the old names of places would favour the supposition of the parish having been the scene of some unrecorded engagements The discovery of stone coffins and urns in various parts particularly at a place called Drumcuthlaw and the existence of large rude stones at Haerpithaugh the boundary haugh of the pit or grave having much the appearance of boundary or march stones would imply something of this sort It is certain that nothing has been found on the Law of Windsor or Fern as the conspicuous knoll on the farm of Hilton is indiscriminately called within the last half century that in any way relates to prehistoric times though the appearance of the place seems not only to indicate an artificial origin but has much of the peculiarity of the conical shaped barrow a rare species of ancient sepulchral tumulus which according to Catullus appertains to females 1 Primitive dwellings are said to have been found in different parts of the parish and according to the writer of the New Siatistical Account consist of a circle of moderately sized stones enclosing an area of from nine to twenty feet and upwards with the exterior packed by earth and stones to the breadth of three or four feet and the interior or floor laid with clay or mortar mixed sometimes with stones Traces of the action of fire were found at the middle of these enclosures and on some of the largest stones The fragment of a quern was dug from one and a stone coffin found in the vicinity of another while in 1851 an old grave dug out of the solid sandstone and containing the remains of a human body with a small earthen vessel and brass pin was found near the manse ....(read more of this book at link here). The History and Traditions of the Land of the Lindsays in Angus and Mearns With Notices of Alyth and Meigle By Andrew Jervise, James Gammack

...a surname originally Montealt. A family, deriving their name from the lands of Montealt in the county of Flint, North Wales, settled in Scotland in the reign of David I., and in course of time the name was softened into Mowat. In the Ragman Roll is the name of Willielmus de Monte Alto, miles. There is a charter of William, earl of Douglas and Mar, to James Mowat of the lands of Easter Fowlis, dated at the castle of Kildrummy, 26th July 1377. The principal family of the name was Mowat of Balquollie, Aberdeenshire. There were also Mowat of Stanehouse in Clydesdale, and Mowat of Busbie in Cunningham, but all these families have long been extinct.
Above is a quote I found on ElectricScotland.

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