1841 Census St Cuthberts, Midlothian (pages 1-4)
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1841 Census St Cuthberts, Midlothian (pages 1-4)

Transcribed and Compiled by Tammy

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A transcription of the first 4 pages of the census document. You may purchase the view of any of these records in full at ScotlandsPeople - Gros Data: 685/02032/02 001

1841 Census St Cuthberts, Midlothian

Information about this census:
The information was taken on June 6th 1841 and was to include anyone who slept in the home that night. I believe that people over the age of 15 had their ages rouned down to the nearest 5. Children should show a somewhat accurate age.
-Everyone on these pages lived at Simon Square. The address changes when the number changes, and all live under that same number, until the number changes again. Maybe it was a building of somekind.
-Born in Scotland, in this county -Y for this county or -N or other country. The only others here are England ie: El.
-A (?) Means I tried my hardest to read it correclty but there may be errors.
------ represents the beginning of a new household to the best that I could figure out.
-* means that I have more info on those people if you would like to contact me about them.

NAME/SURNAME    AGE    OCCUPATION    BORN (County=y)   STREET/LOCATION                                            

Charles Alexander       35      Tailor            y             1 Simon Sguare
Catherine               5                         y             
Peter Kerr             65      Tailor             n             2 Simon Square
James Kerr               35      Tailor            n                   
Susan Kerr               35                        n                
Mary Kerr                 9                          n                   
Janet Kerr                7                          n                   
Agnes                     4                          n                   
John Paterson            25       Painter            n                   
Ellen Paterson           25                          y                   
Hugh Paterson             4                          y                   
Ester Paterson           6mth                        y                   
John Stuart(sp)           25      Jassener(?)        y                   
John Trass(?)(Fraser)     25                        y                   
Peter Hill                20      Tailor             y                   
?ilhelmina Hill           25                         y                   
David Hill                 4                         y                   
George Mackie              35     Confectioner        n                   
Margaret Mackie            35                        n                   
John Hag                   45     Mason              n                    
Elizabeth Hag              40                        n                    
Peter Hag                  15   Printer Aprent       y                    
Jessie Hag                 12                        y                    
George Hag                 1o                        y                    
Elizabeth Hag               4                        y                 

Page 2

(Last family Continued)

Margaret Hag                 2                       y                     
James Gitchrite              65     Plasterer         y                    
Anne Gitchrite               40                       El                    
James Forrest                6                        y                    
Marg(Mary)Morrison            45  Green Grocier       n                    
John Molle                    20   Painter J          y                    
Peter Laint(?)                50    Black Smith        n                    
Janet Laint                  20                       y                    
(Lanet or Lamb) 
Anne Frazer                  60       Ind             y                    
Mary Frazer                  15                        y                    
Alexander Frazer             20       Smith            y                    
James Denholm(?)           35      Carrier           n                    
Agnes Denholm              40                         n                    
George Denholm             13     Shoem Apr.          y                    
James Denholm              11                         y                    
Adam Denholm                8                         y                    
William Denholm             6                         y                    
Isabella Denholm            3                         y                    
Isabella Denholm            15     F.S              y                    
Alexander Fraser            40    Laborer           y                    4 Simon Square
Elizabeth Fraser            40                      y                    
Elizabeth Fraser            12                      y                  
William Fraser              6                       y                     
Elizabeth Mitchell*        55    ?ictual Shop      y                     5 Simon Square
Hugh Mitchell*            20     Flesher         y                     


(Last family continued)

Betsy Mitchell*           15                        y                     5 Simon Square
Mary Mitchell*            10                        y                        
Walter Scott              60     Tailor             n                      6 Simon Square
Mary Scott                60                        n                        
Mary Scott                20                        y                        
Andrew Scott              15                        y                        
John Blair                25    Shoe M             y                         
Jean Blair                25                       y                         
Willim Strachan(?)        15     Lab              y                            
Mary Frazer               30     Ind             y                          
James Auld                25    Shoe M           y                          
Helen Auld                  30                     y
James Auld                   4       
John Auld                   2months                y
Grace Sufler(?)             65     Ind            y
Robert Glassel(?)           65   Printer          n
Euphema Glassel             50                    y
Mary Glassel                14                    n
Elizabeth Fife               4                    n
Gavin Fife                   2                    y
James Smales               25    Basket M        El                                           
Marion Smales              15                     y
William Glassal            40    Plasterer        n
James Glassal              4                      y
Robert Glassal             2months                y

(above family continued)

Elizabeth Glassal         9                       y           6 Simon Square
Mary Glassal              7                       y
Jane Glassal              2                       y
Marion Dinnral            30      F.S.            y
Mary Ann Gould            20                      El
John Gould                25   Shawl Manf          n
James Bonar               7                       y 
Murdo W. Donald           45    Type Founder E    n
Hector Donald             15                      y
Hughenie Sutherland(F)    25   F Servant          n
Mary Syne                 55    wd                y
Sarah Syne                15                      y
Mary Fleming              12                      y
Mary Milne                55   Sundtrys           y
Janet Smith               55    wd                n
John Smith                30  Jailor              n
Catherine                 15                      y
John Houston              15   Shoe M              y
James Raynolds            35  Bookbinder           y
Jean Reynolds             35                        y
Dorothy Falconer          17months                 y
Helen Murray              45   Ind                 n
John Murray               25  Police Officer       n
William Murray            20  Police Officer       n
George Murray             20   Grocer              n

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