Alternative Vaccination & Immunity Function Information

Alternative Vaccination & Immunity Function Information

Researched and Compiled by Tammy
Not to be taken as medical advice. Compiled to assist other's with research.

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This page has been put together, so that I may share the pages of information I've read, and considered while learning about the measles virus, and how I wanted to deal with it within my family. I'll post links, with introductions as to what they are, perhaps an interesting quote from them. At first, I doubt they'll be in any order, as time goes on, I'm sure this page will become more organized.

There are so many insults floating around, especially on Face Book to people who don't immunize. There are many people who choose not to, or cannot be vaccinated, due to medical complications. This research is for you. Stand proud, help other's understand.


Vaccination and Homoeoprophylaxis (Homeopathic Immunization)

Dr Isaac Golden's Natural Immunisation Research
"The purpose of this page is to provide readers with factual information to assist in making an informed decision about the health of your family. I will deliberately not give you opinions, just information. I will not make claims, just provide data. This information is not medical advice. You must of course make up your own minds about which method of immunization you choose, but at least you know you have choices."

- How To Give Homeopathic Measles 'Vaccination
"Doses are to be given over a few month period starting with 200C, repeating a triple dose of the 200C the following week then a triple dose of 10M followed one month later with a second round of the 10M."

- Morbillinum
What is the Nosodes Morbillinum? Some information.

- Genetic Analysis of Measles Virus
The vaccine strain of measles virus can be distinguished from wild-type viruses by determination of the genotype from clinical samples or virus isolates.


- Viera Scheibner, PhD.
"Viera is internationally renowned as one of, if not the foremost expert on vaccine adverse reactions."

Dr Isaac Golden's Natural Immunisation Research
    "If you wish to maximise protection against a targeted infectious disease then you need to use disease-specific protection. Whilst living in a way that maximises your general health will help a little and will certainly assist in healing more rapidly if you acquire a disease, we know that even very healthy people contract infectious diseases. To my knowledge there are only two disease-specific methods of immunisation vaccination and homoeoprophylaxis (homeopathic immunisation). We shall look at information relating to the safety and effectiveness of both methods." Click Here For The Information.

How To Give Homeopathic Measles 'Vaccination'
    Comment from the Vaccine Free: Homeopathic Alternatives to Vaccination site - "Use of Measles nosode (Morbilinum) in ascending potencies as outlined on the STATUS SHEET for a standard prevention protocol (See schedule on website). Doses are to be given over a few month period starting with 200C, repeating a triple dose of the 200C the following week then a triple dose of 10M followed one month later with a second round of the 10M.
    Use of Pulsatilla or Euphrasia either preventativley or if the disease is contracted as these remedies correspond to the common symptom manifestations of Measles. They can be used if there is known exposure or at the first signs of the disease and correspond to fluctuating temperatures, or runny nose and watery eyes, respectively. These remedies can be alternated if you are unsure, repeating the remedy that offers the most relief.
Various other remedies in active disease. for more information get the Books: "The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative" ... or Consult a Homeopath"
    (a comment from my local ND), "The website Vaccine Free: Homeopathic Alternatives to Vaccination provides excellent information regarding homeopathic remedies that are used to prevent catching the [measles], as well as information regarding homeopathic remedies to take if you have any of the symptoms of the disease."
    "I first heard about homeopathic vaccination when I was training to be a naturopathic physician between 1986 and 1990. Dr. Eyziaga, a medical doctor from Argentina, who became a world-renowned expert on homeopathy, gave a lecture about homeopathic vaccination. In his country, because of the poverty, homeopathic remedies are all that the people could afford to get. As there have never been any reported epidemics of the childhood diseases in his country, the efficacy of doing homeopathic vaccination was confirmed."

Measles and the Nosodes Morbillinum
    Some information about Nosodes from the website M.B.Barvalia Foundation's Spandan Holistic Institute - By definition a nosode is "a medicine prepared from the diseased part or discharge of a living being." It is derived from the Greek word "nosos" meaning disease. They may be of vegetable kingdom (secale) or animal kingdom (Ambragrisea) or bacterial culture of Human origin (Psorinum).

    Some information about the Nosodes Morbillinum,

Genetic Analysis of Measles Virus
    The following 19 genotypes have been detected since 1990:
A*, B2, B3, C1, C2, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11, G2, G3, H1, H2
*Vaccine strains Moraten, Edmonston, Zagreb are all genotype A.
There were 2 putative wild-type cases of measles identified as genotype A in 2008.
During 2011, 8 genotypes were identified by global surveillance:
B2, B3, D4, D8, D9, D11, G3, H1
More info from the CDC site here
    The Dec 2014/Jan 2015 outbreak in Disneyland, California was the B3 genotype strain. The Jan/Feb 2015 outbreak in Toronto, Ontario was the D4 genotype strain.
    On February 11, 2015, the York Region north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, confirmed one case of the measles. The man, is under 30 years old and was fully vaccinated. More info.
    Info on The first genetic characterization of a D4 measles virus strain
    Info on Genetic characterization of clade B measles viruses isolated in Tunisia and Libya 20022009 and a proposed new subtype within the B3 genotype

Viera Scheibner, PhD. (below is all quoted from her websites)
    "Viera is internationally renowned as one of, if not the foremost expert on vaccine adverse reactions. For well over two decades she has extensively and intensively researched the field of medical literature upon the topic, and she is sought after as both an international speaker and expert witness in these matters. She works passionately and tirelessly to uncover the skewed realities and distorted picture of health promulgated by the present medical orthodoxy." "Will present links to all major sites that are pioneering the new pathways to better health, and it will feature a new site review every week." General Vaccine Information
-"Message to all parents re vaccination:
    Natural infectious diseases of childhood, such as measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox and whooping cough are the ones that prime and mature the immune system, and represent developmental milestones, provided they are not mismanaged by the administration of antibiotics and suppressing fever. Having measles protects against another bout of measles and also against degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, immunoreactive diseases (asthma, allergies), sebaceous skin diseases and cancers. Having mumps protects against ovarian cancer.
    When children were dying from any of the above and other diseases some two hundred years ago, it was because they were suffering nutritional and vitamin c deficiencies. Rich or poor.
    With better nutrition and especially better vitamin c status, the mortality due to these diseases disappeared and even the incidence went down long before any modern vaccines" (read more...)
These are the 2 most important books I used when raising my children. I continue to use them today.
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