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Esther Ann | Various Records

Transcribed and Compiled by Tammy

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A List of random records available for people with the surname Harding, some other records are included because I viewed them while doing research. You may get a partial view of some of these records at

Notes taken while doing research.


Notes re: Esther Ann:
The one I think is Sherri's
Birth: Jun 1876
MORRISON, Esther Ann, Rotherham, 9c 627
UPDATE: I ordered (daughter) Maud's certified birth certificate, and it has confirmed that Esther (nee)Morrison is her Mother.

Please enjoy any of my research below

Various Esther Ann births born in Rothingham
Surname First name(s) District Vol / Page

Births Jun 1873

Gothar Esther Ann Rotherham 9c 585
GOTHARD Esther Ann Rotherham 9c 585

Births Jun 1874
Goldsborough Esther Ann Rotherham 9c 629
Radcliffe Esther Ann Rotherham 9c 620
Births Jun 1876
MARSHALL Esther Ann Rotherham 9c *89
Molyneaux Esther Ann Rotherham 9c 691

** MORRISON Esther Ann Rotherham 9c 627**

Births Dec 1876
STAPLETON Esther Ann Rotherham 9c 651
Births Sep 1877
WALKER Esther Ann Rotherham 9c 669
Births Dec 1879
Pettinger Esther Ann Rotherham 9c 635

Other Births same time period, Rotherham

Births Jun 1876
**MORRISON Esther Ann Rotherham 9c 627**

Births Jun 1879
Morrison George Rotherham 9c 608

Some Marriages
Marriages Jun 1873 (>99%) HUTCHINSON Adam Dewsbury 9b 938
*Jewitt Charlotte Dewsbury 9b 938
*Morrison Frederick Dewsbury 9b 938
TAYLOR Ellen Dewsbury 9b 938
* = Couple - - and my farther research shows that these are Esther Ann Morrison's parents.


Births Sep 1878
Moreton Esther Ann Fylde 8e 729
Possible parents:
Marriages Sep 1877
Moreton Frederick Stoke T. 6b 247

Marriages Dec 1880
Moreton Alfred Poplar 1c 1205

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