Mitchell Surname Project
Families in Midlothian, East Lothian, West Lothian
1600's forward
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Mitchell Surname Project
Families in Midlothian, East Lothian, West Lothian
1600's forward

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Mitchell's of the Midlothian Area & Connected Surnames ~an ongoing project~

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MOST of the records on this page at this time are prior to 1750.

This page contains a mish-mash of transcriptions that I have done.
If you would like to try transcribing some I couldn't quite read,
just let me know and I'll direct you to any. If you have more info or want more info please send email to me at Tammy *First few paragraphs are me writing stuff down as I try to get started, after that, it's just lists of names and transcriptions. I hope you find something useful :)

I thought starting at the beginning of the records would help build a snapshot of Liberton and might make it easier to learn more about the families and connect them etc.. families that I don't find connections to, will be placed, more side by side, with their own trees, instead of just in a tree formation. Already I have a little problem. I thought I would start with a family close to the beginning of my records that had a lot of people in it. So I picked a family that had children over a 25 year period. Then on a whim, I thought I would see if I could find David's parents: I searched in all my various areas, and sure enough there was a suggested set of parents in the igi Issues, well the wifes name is Janat Ferguson in the member submitted record. I searched all over and could not find any marriage or kids for a david mitchell and janet ferguson. So I think that who ever submitted this, has the wifes name incorrect, as it probably is Christian Ferguson, the on in our tree. Next issue with the member submitted record. If we go by the birth of David born to George and Marion Brown, he would be 16 at the time of his first childs birth. Not unheard of for sure. BUT, there is not a George or a Marion found as one of the children of Christian Ferguson and David Mitchell. Suspicious at best. Next issue. I found two other appropriate births 01/May/1600 MYTCHELL DAVID WILLIAM MYTCHELL/MARGARET RYCHESOUN FR15 - LEITH SOUTH EDINBURGH CITY CITY/MIDLOTHIAN 692/02 0010 0010 28/Apr/1601 MYTCHELL DAVID DAVID MYTCHELL/ FR107 M EDINBURGH EDINBURGH CITY CITY/MIDLOTHIAN 685/01 0010 0193 The first David transcription: William Mitchell & Margaret Rytherdson an infant baptized David. Wits David bytonn? David Ribasson (Rithson) - James Brichannon The first David born 1600 has the following siblings (could be more) MYTCHELL, Jonet Christening Gender: Female Christening Date: 8 Jun 1602 Recorded in: South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland Father: William MYTCHELL Mother: Margaret RYCHARDSOUN MYTCHELL, William Christening Gender: Male Christening Date: 16 Jun 1605 Recorded in: South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland Father: William MYTCHELL Mother: Margaret RYCHISOUN The second David Mitchell has no sibs that I can find. No real marriage for a father to find either, so basically no info. Comments: William is the first born son's name. Then Adam, and Adam is repeated again. No Georges, no Margarets, no Marions. Then we have an un-named mother. There are too many variables at this level. ~~ THE FOLLOWING IS SIMPLY TRANSCRIPTIONS OF RECORDS WITH NO RHYME OR REASON ~~ Mitchell, William, son to David M., in Stanehouse, beside Libertoun, with Mungo Ross, baxter 01 Feb 1632 Bapt to Robert Mitchell and Elizbeth Craig LS named Adam. Wits: Adam Mitchell noongem?, John Casse (wife could be Eupham Herrott) 1648 Patrick Warrock in ? & Helen Mitchell his spouse ADN Issobell. Wits: David Mitchell James P(?) William Denhome William C.... Janet Mitchell in Gimertoun. And ... .... ... mitll s. and were married 19 Aug 1658 West (Waist, Wast), Alexander, gardener in the Canongate; Alison Mitchell 15 May 1651 thier kids WEST, Jonet Chr 1652 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Alexander WEST Mo: Alisone MITCHELL WEST, John Chr 1654 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Alexander WEST Mo: Alisone MITCHELL WEST, Patrick Chr 1656 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Alexander WEST Mo: Alisone MITCHELL WEST, Margaret Chr 1658 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Alexander WEST Mo: Alisone MITCHELL WEST, Anna Chr 1661 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Alexander WEST Mo: Alison MITCHELL WAIST, Alexander Chr 1664 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Alexander WAIST Mo: Alison MITCHELL WAIST, Lillias Chr 1666 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Alexander WAIST Mo: Alison MITCHELL WAIST, Agnes Chr 1668 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Alexander WAIST Mo: Alison MITCHELL 21. Dec. 1663 MITCHELL DAVID ADAM MITCHELL/MARGARET MOUBRAY FR135 M LIBERTON (MIDLOTHIAN) EDINBURGH CITY/MIDLOTHIAN 693/ 0010 0250 22. Sep. 1665 MITCHELL JHON ADAM MITCHELL/MARGARET MOUBRAY FR143 M LIBERTON (MIDLOTHIAN) EDINBURGH CITY CITY/MIDLOTHIAN 693/00 0010 0266 MITCHELL, Margaret Christening Gender: Christening Date: 11 Jan 1677 Recorded in: Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland Collection: St Cuthbert Father: Adam MITCHELL Mother: Margaret MOWBRAY Source: FHL Film 1066751 Dates: 1673 - 1724 MITCHELL, David Bir 1668 Scot Midl Libert Fa: Adam MITCHELL Mo: Janet SYMONTON MITCHELL, William Bir 1673 Scot Midl Libert Fa: Adam MITCHELL Mo: Janet SYMONTONE MITCHELL, Issobell Bir 1677 Scot Midl Libert Fa: Adam MITCHELL Mo: Jonet SYMINTON MITCHELL, Catharin Bir 1679 Scot Midl Libert Fa: Adam MITCHELL Mo: Jonet SYMONTONE MITCHELL, Margaret Chr 1682 Scot Midl Edinbu Fa: Adam MITCHELL Mo: Jonet HISLOPE Mitchell, John, s. to Wm. M., fermourer in Gilmertoun, p. to James Mitchell, locksmith 22 Sep 1686 Mitchell, Wm., s. to Adam M., indweller in Plewlands, p. to Wm. Cleghorne, mt. 06 Nov 1672 Mitchell, Robert, s. to dec. Adam M., fermourer in Plewlands, p. to John Pursell, litster 19 Dec 1683 Mitchell, Thomas, s. to dec. Adam M., fermorer in Plewlands, p. to David Symone, pewtherer 17 May 1693 Masson, Nicol, skipper in Saltpreston; Jean Mitchell, d. of deceased Adam M. in Plewlands 11 Jun 1699 , m. 29 Jun 1699 Mitchell (Michell, Mitchel, Mytchell) Adam, merchant; Elizabeth Swintoun 19 Oct 1671 Swinton (Swentoun, Swintoun, Swyntoun) Elizabeth; Adam Mitchell, merchant 19 Oct 1671 Mitchell, Wm., s. to Adam M., indweller in Portsburgh, p. to Alexr. Hay, locksmith (B.) 03 Jan 1707 testaments Mitchell, Adam, merchant, burgess of Edinburgh 23 Oct 1655 Mitchell, Adam, fermourer in Over Libertoun 16 Jan 1680 Mitchell, David, s. to dec. Adam M., fermourer in Libertoun, p. to James Smyth, candlemaker 09 Nov 1681 (apprentice) Mitchell, Adam, merchant, burgess of Edinburgh 09 Nov 1680 Mitchell, Adam, seaman in Prestonpans 21 Feb 1690 Mitchell, Adam, portioner of Dalkeith 17 Apr 1775 James Gibson, Their Majesties' gunsmith in the castle of Edinburgh and Isobell Mitchell, daughter lawfull to the deceast William Mitchell, fermerer in Over Libbertoune, p. 21 May, m. 30 June 1692 21/12/1663 MITCHELL DAVID ADAM MITCHELL/MARGARET MOUBRAY FR135 M LIBERTON (MIDLOTHIAN) EDINBURGH CITY CITY/MIDLOTHIAN 693/00 0010 0250 Bapt to Adam Mitchell in Straiton Milne & Margaret Maubray his spouse ASN David. Wits: David Moubray, David Mithchell, James Herroit, Robert Mitchell, Grncuet fawe(?) -02/07/1667, MITCHELL DAVID -WILLIAM MITCHELL/MARION AIKMAN FR153 M LIBERTON (MIDLOTHIAN) EDINBURGH CITY CITY/MIDLOTHIAN 693/00 0010 0286 20/02/1668, MITCHELL DAVID -ADAM MITCHELL/JANET SYMONTON FR155 LIBERTON (MIDLOTHIAN) EDINBURGH CITY CITY/MIDLOTHIAN 693/00 0010 0290 27/08/1671, MITCHELL DAVID -ANDREW MITCHELL/ISSOBELL ADAMSON FR2079 M EDINBURGH EDINBURGH CITY CITY/MIDLOTHIAN 685/01 0070 0223 26/10/1673, MITCHELL DAVID -WILLIAM MITCHELL/AGNES DUNDASS FR178 M LIBERTON (MIDLOTHIAN) EDINBURGH CITY CITY/MIDLOTHIAN 693/00 0010 0337 James Herriot in Stanhous(?) and Issobell Mitchell his spouse ASN Robert. Wits: James Ross(?), David, Adam & Robert Mitchell Testaments: Mitchell, Isobel, spouse to John Taitt, merchant, burgess of Edinburgh 19 Nov 1663 This Isobel Mitchell died in 1663 -Mitchell, Isobel, wife of John Tait, merchant 06 Apr 1663 Mitchell, William, brother to Ninian M., in Dalpedder, par. of Kirkbryde, sher. of Dumfries 10 Mar 1601 Mitchell, Ninian, baxter, burgess of Edinburgh 04 Mar 1646 John Tait baxter. Issobell Mitchell ASN Adam. Wits: Adam Mitchell husband-man James Tait, Alexander Denham 1642 -John Tait baxter burgess of ??? and Issobell Mitchell his spouse ASN John. Wits: Adame Mitchell and Johne Cas & Johne Mitchell -John Tait merchant Issobell Mitchell ADN Janet. Wits: Thomas Bog, James Hamilton, William Mitchell Baxter Patrick Warrock in ? & Helen Mitchell his spouse ADN Issobell. Wits: David Mitchell James Herriot, William Denhome (Denham) 1657 Mitchell (Mitchel), William, wright in Duddingston; Helen Robertsone, widow of Patrick Warrock, wright, burgess 14 Dec 1701 , m. 02 Jan 1702 -Thomas Warrock in Over Libbertoun, Helen Mitchell ADN Christian. Wits: Andrew Conquorgoode(? ha good, see Conquergood), David Mitchell. 1650 -James Mitchell and Bessie Thomson had a son baptized names Robert begotten in fornication. Wits: David & Robert Mitchell & Alex Conquergood -Conquergood, Alexander, son to Thomas C., in Over Libbertoun, with William Warrock, elder, skinner (who deceased) 01 Dec 1647 transferred to David Kinloch ( 20 Jun 1651 ) 19 Nov 1651 ~~Don't know if this is the same Thomas: Warrock, Wm., s. to Thomas W., bailie in Gilmertoun, p. to James Middletoun, armourer 05 Dec 1683 -Mitchell, William, son to David M., in Stanehouse, beside Libertoun, with Mungo Ross, baxter 01 Feb 1632 -Mitchell, William, son to late Robert M., in Over Libertoun, with Thomas Spens, baxter 04 Jul 1632 testaments -Mitchell, William, baxter, burgess of Edinburgh 07 Jul 1687 -Mitchell, William, baxter, burgess of Edinburgh 27 Sep 1694 -Mitchell, William, in Over Liberton. See Symontoun, Jonet. Symontoun or Symington, Jonet, relict of William Mitchell, in Over Liberton 03 Jan 1682 -Mitchell, Robert, in Over Liberton, sher. of Edinburgh 16 Feb 1622 -Mitchell, Robert, in Morton 15 Jul 1687 -Mitchell (Mitchel), Walter, tenant in Morton, in par. of Liberton; Agnes Sommervile, d. of William S., skinner, in S. S. W. p. 12 Jul 1724 -Mitchell (Mitchel), William, baker, burgess, in N. N. K. p.; Eupham Dewar, d. of William D. in Brigend, in Liberton par., now in S. W. p. 05 Jun 1709 , m. 06 Jul 1709 Dalrymple (Dalrompel, Dalrumpell, Dalrwmpl, Darrwmpel, Deirmpil, Derompill, Dlrompel, Drompill), Agnes, widow of Hugh Mitchell, merchant (above head of Liberton Wynd) 13 Feb 1666 deaths -Mitchell, Hugh, merchant 23 Aug 1663 -Mitchell, Hugh, merchant, his widow, Agnes Dalrymple 13 Feb 1666 -Mitchell (Michell, Mitchel, Mytchell) William, baker; Jean Mitchel 08 Jun 1643 -Mitchell (Michell, Mitchel, Mytchell) William, younger, baker; Barbara Mein (Main) 12 Nov 1674 -Mitchell (Michell, Mitchel, Mytchell) William; Susanna Gilmore 02 Aug 1686 -Mitchell (Michell, Mitchel, Mytchell) William; Janet Ramsay 13 Aug 1686 -Mitchell, Rachel, and John Douglas p. 02 Jun 1691 , m. 23 Jun 1691 Parents: Father: NICOLL MITCHELL || Mother: MARY THOMSON -James Heriot & Chrystian Anderson his spouse had an infant bap named Michael. Wits: Michael Heriot (older?) & Adame Mitchell younger. 1640 on same record as -Robert Mitchell and Lillias Tate had an infant gotten in fornication baptized named Agnes. Wits John Casse & John Adamsson. and -Thomas Thompson and Bessie Park his spouse had an infent bap named Euphame. Wits: Adam Mitchell elear(? maybe elder) & John Adamsson -Adame Mitchell younger and Marion Aitkin his spouse had an infant baptized named Issobell. Wits: James Mitchell, John Casse, Robert Mitchell & James Herroit. Looking for a family that looks like Father Adam (then son's): Adam, James, Robert - other family John Casse & James Heriot. - Adam Mitchell and Marion Aitking ??? AD named Bessie. Wits: (possible James Tait(?) or James Jack) ?? and William Bell. -1647 Thomas Mitchell and Jonet Karrington AS named James. Wits: James Mitchell, Archibald Crawford (who is married to Margaret Caringtoun bef 1652) -11 April 1647 Bapt to Andro (Andrew) Mitchell and Janet Stratome (Straton) tre(?) finddin(?) AD named Janet. Wits: Iatine(? David?) or _____? - - Mitchell, Adam Mitchell -James Mitchell and Bessie Thomson had a son baptized names Robert begotten in fornication. Wits: David & Robert Mitchell & Alex Conquergood -To Adam Mitchell and Marion Aitking AS named William. Wits: William Robertson, James Jack, William Mitchell 1649 same record to James Mitchell and Margaret Tanniehill AD named Issobell. Wits: William Tanniehill, Walter Trtone(?) same record Jerome Mitchell LM (legal married?) Margaret Melrosse LD named William. Wits: slone? (Alan?) Mitchell, William Cockburne. james aikman also on record -James Mitchell S ??? to James Mitchell and Margaret Tanniehill in Gilmerton. Wits: William Bannatyne _yr and James Caides? (or Caines) thair? (when James grew up he became a Locksmith, so did his brother Walter Mitchell)* -Jeremie Mitchell and Margaret Mellrose LS named Andro. Wits Andrew Contorgood, Andro Mitchell -Robert Mitchell was bap apr 21 1661, parents John Mitchell & Isobel Dick N.H. James Dick Grandfather, William Mitchell, William Dick -Bapt to John Mitchell and Isobell Dick, Son named James. Wits: James Birk?, Adam Mitchell (?younger?), James Dick 1649 -to David Mitchell and Christian Ferguson LS named John. Wits: John Mitchell, Patrick Herrott, John Ferguson -to David Mitchell and Christian Ferguson LD named Issabell. Wits: Alexander Conquirgud & ? Ferguson -David Mitchell & Christian Fergison OL* had an lacynel? marhets? baptized named William. Wits: Mr William Litle? portioner of OL* (*probably Over Liberton?), Gilbert Fergison *note: Little, Alexander, son to late Mr. William L., portioner of Over Libertoun, with Alexander Speir, baillie 08 Apr 1635 -To James Mitchell in Gilmerton & Kathren Gilcrystsone his spouse a DN Janet. Wits Robert Mitchell & Donald Richson 1654 on same record -to Edmund Cumming and Kathren Rodger adn Eupham. Wits: Adam Mitchell & William Bell on same record -To Thomas Mitchell in Gilmerton and (Nanet) Janet Mathie his spouse a SN James. Wits: Ames? Mitchell & John Scott? -Bapt to Adam Mitchell in Stratoun Milne? and Janet Clark x. begotten in fornication N Janet. Wits: James Mitchell, George Conqrand? & James Stewart 1656 on same record -Bapt to James Heriot in Stanhous & Issobell Mitchell his spouse a SN James. Wits: John Cass, Patrick Heriot, Adam Tait (or Canis?) -Bapt to Patrick Fergison & Issobell Whyt a D natural N Helen. Wits Patrick Warrock, Jerome Mitchell, William Simson. 1657 same record -Bapt to William Mitchell in Gilmertoun and Issabell Geddes his spouse a DN Euphany. Wits: Rolland Richisone, James Mitchell, Walter Trtone(?) same record -Patrick Warrock in n?L & Helen Mitchell his spouse a DN Issobell. Wits: David Mitchell, James Heriot, Nanian Denhome. -William Mitchell & Marion Aikman his spouse had a ? d mend? thehld? baptized named Isobell. Wits: James Aikmen, atr? Warcote and William Ramsay & David Mitchell 1657 -William Mitchell son to William Mitchell & Marion Aikman, in Over libert. was born the last of Mar & baptized the 10 of April in the birle? of Hoals?. Wits: Walter Aiton & Adam Mitchell & Nanian Lonljohn (Nanian Longjohn) -marriage: William Mitchell and Bessie Smith both in this parish gave up there names etc The bridgrooms Cauth? John Mitchell servant in Heavy side Miln & the Brides Robert Rutherford in Hunam kirk style? ? to the poor. -to William Mitchell in Gil and Issobell Geddes his spouse a SN William. Wits: William ?Gwan? (?Swan?), William Watt, Patrick Mitchell 1662 same record -to William Prate in n.L (o. L)[nether liberton ie over liberton] and Helen Anderson his spouse a DN Janet. Wits: David Mitchell, Patrick Warrock, George Mitchell -William Mitchell & Bessie Smith ADN Margaret born the 4th inst. Wits: John Riddle, John Nic? 1717 -William Mitchell & Bessie Smith ADN Mary born 22d inst. Wits: Cornelius Balfour and Robert Gordon, indwellers in Neither Curry 1723 -William Mitchell & Bessie Smith ADN Christian. Wits: William Braiden and Robert Gordon. 1725 -William Mitchell in Currie Parish, whose wifes name is Bessie Smith. presented to the Sacrament of baptism a child called Agnes. Wits: Andrew Yelts and John Moore 1719 -William Mitchell in Kellhead of Fairnglass had a son baptized named John. Wits: William Smith in Keroppies and William Mitchell in Windmill. 1732 (puts william and elizabeth smith of Lonmay Aberdeen to rest as ours). Baptized to William Mitchell in Gilmerton and Christian Mungo his spouse a SN James. Wit: William Tannihill, James Mitchell Walter Ayttion 1666 (a Walter Ayttion married an Issobell Baillie in Liberton w/children) -Baptized to William Mitchell in Gilmerton & Christian Mungo his spouse a SN William. Wits: George Dalgleish, William Tanihill, James Mitchell 1667 on same record -Bapt to Patrick Warrock in O(ver) L(iberton) and Helen Mitchell his spouse a SN Patrick. Wits: David and William Mitchell, Patrick Halyburtoun on same record -Bapt to John Stothart (John Stupard?) in Stanhouse and Hellen Allan his spouse a SN Adam. Wits: Adam Tait, George Dalgleish, James Stothart on same record -Bapt to Arthure Graham in Mortoun and Issobel Ranie his spouse a DN Elspeth. Wits: Robert Mitchell, William Thomsone, James Smith 1658 Janet Ritcheson dau to Rolland Ritchison and Elspeth Elph.. of Liberton. Wits James Elph... James Ritchison -1649 William Dalgiesh, Tailor, Jean Mitchell ASN John. Wits. John Monteith printer, David Calendar wright, Robert Gibson Merchant. -1659 to George Dalgheish in Goodtries? & Elspeth Elphingstone his spouse ASN David. Wits James Elphinstoun, James Dalgheish, Adam Aeis? -1664 to George Dalgheish in Guidtries and Nicolas Bog ADN Anna. Wits James ?, Thomas Warrock, Robert Bog? -Thomas Warrock in Over Liberton, Helen Mitchell ADN Christiane. Wits: Andrew Conquorgood, David Mitchell 1650 marriage William Mitchell in ye Northeast parish of Edinburgh & Helen Mitchell in this congrigation (liberton). William Mitchell (i think this is person standing up) Married. *note North East Parish of Edinb is Trinity College Kirk. -Bapt to John Bairnsfather in Gilmerton and Margaret Mitchell his spouse a DN Eupham. Wits: Alexander Richesone (wife Agnes Megget), James Gray (wife Sara Bannatyne), Stephen doig (wife Janet Gibson) 1664 same record -Bapt to James stmsey? in Gilmerton and Janet Buorrd? his spouse a DN Janet. Wits Thomas Warrock (wife Jonet Allan), William Tammihill (wife Masie Peacok), William Gray (wife Christian Wynd). 1664 same record -Bapt to Alexander Porteous and Marion Hamilton his spouse a SN William. Wits: David Mitchell, Patrick Warrock, William Snades? *note more on this record, see liberton births record -Thomas Crawford in Gilmerton & Eupham Bairnsfather had a daughter baptized (born the 12th) named Janet. Wits: David Crawfoord & David Bullany (pos wife Maals Tait) 1703 same record -John Warrrock in Upper Liberton and Janet Tait his spouse had a daughter baptized born the 5th named Helen. Wits: David Mitchell & John Smith Check: David Tait & Bessie Broun Tait & Mitchell early 1600's Adam Tait Marion Allan -Bapt to William Symontoun in Mortoun?side? & Katherine Mitchell his spouse a SN David. Wits: David Mitchell, James Horriot & Patrick Warrock 1666 -David Mitchell born to Adam Mitchell and Janet Symonton in Over Liberton. Wits: David Mitchell his grandfather and William ???? 1668 same record -Bap to Patrick Stoddart in Gilmerton and Christian Spence his spouse a DN Nicolas. Wits: Roland Richison, James and Andrew Stoodart same record -Bap to Thomas Warrock in Gilmerton and Janet Allan his spouse a SN William. Witts: Rolland Richison, William Hunter, Robert Lore (Law?), Andrew Tannihill. same record -Bapt to William Mitchell in Over Liberton & Agnes Dundas his spouse a DN Janet. Wits: David and George Mitchell, James Young. same record -Bap to Harrie Laurie in Gilmerton & Jonet Dalgleith his spouse a DN Janet. Wits: Thomas Warrock, John Vetch, Rolland Richison. same record -bap to Walter Bromlies in Gilmerton and Marion Paistoun his spouse a SN James. Wits: Thomas Warrock, Thomas Paistoun, Francis Geddes. -William Mitchell son to Adam Mitchell and Janet Symontone his spouse in Over Liberton was born upon the 19 and bapt 21 of January 1673. Wits David Mitchell his grandfather and William Mitchell his uncle and Mr Robert Wilsone. -1677 Agnes D to John Burnton and Helen Purdie at Liberton Kirk was born the 13th and bat the 14th. Wits: James Herriot and Robert Mitchell and Walter Purdie (prob wife Janet Law) and Edward Burnton 1677 same record -Issobell D to Adam Mitchell and Janet Symonton in Over Libertion was born the 10 and bap the 13 of July. Wits: William Mitchell and Ninian? Denholm (Ninian in Colinton) -Thomas Smith in Over Liberton and Margaret Mitchell in Nether Liberton and gave up their names matramonie. no wits -Thomas Smith in Over Liberton and Margaret Mitchell his spouse a DN Janet. Wits: James Annecay? John and James Smith , James Henderson 1667 -Thomas Smyth workman, Margaret Mitchell ASN James. Wits: Mr. James Aikinhead one of the Comisos of Edinburgh, John Smith Stabular, George Gibson writer. 1669 -David Mitchell and Christian Ferguson in Over Liberton had an Inphant ??? baptized named Helone. Wits: David Tod, George ???? - Adam Mitchell and Christian Ferguson his spouse had an infant bapt names Alison. Wits: Adam Mitchell & Alex Longeryrle? - Adam Mitchell and Christian Fergusone his spouse had one infant baptize named Adam. Wits: William Ferguson and ?? Conquergud & Adam Mitchell, younger. 1639 -Bap to William Mitchell in Combs and Agnes Dundas his spouse a DN Issobell. Wits: James young, James Herriot, George Mitchell 1671 same record: forgot to add it -1673 David Mitchell son to William Mitchell and Agnes Dundass in Over Liberton was born 14 & Baptized 26th of Oct 1673. Wits: David Mitchell and James Young - 1657 John Young baxter chrystian mitchell ASN James. Wits James Rynter? writter, John Hunter Baxter?(banker), Thomas Scott Geld-smy?, Andrew Caddell infmer? - William Cleghorne Brewer Bessie Mitchell AD named Marion. Wits: Thomas Robertson, Town-lhesauvor?, William Mitchell baxter (baker), George Grahame, Adam Mitchell, Robert Campbell and John Cleghorne Marchant or Machants? William Cleghorne Brewar: Elizabeth Mitchell ADN Jonet. Wits: Thomas Robertson late Town=thesanver (Town Thesaurer); Thomas Robertson and Mr David Robertson his son. Adam Mitchell in Plewlands and William Mitchell elder and younger baxters. -William Cleghorne in Edinburgh and Bessie Mitchell in Stratoun Milne, was married 25 April 1667 -William Cleghorne Brewar, Bessie Mitchell ASN Adam. Wits Thomas Robertson late Town Thesaurer, Adam Mitchell in Plewlands, adam Mitchell younger son to the SD Adam. William Mitchell Baxter, Adam Mitchell Merchant & Adam Tait Merchant Adam Mitchell and Agnes Bryce had an ?? baptized named Adam. Wits: James Whinston? & John Wats 1676 -Agnes Brunton Daug to John Bruntone & Janet Mitchell ADL was born 5th and bapt the 9th of March 1673. Wits: Robert Mitchell, David Mitchell & Edward Brunton -John Bruntone in Nether LIberton and Jonet Mitchell in Morton gave their names and were married -David Mitchell in Morton (Mortoun and Anna Hill in Morton Parioch and gave up ye names matrimonial and were married 1669 -Robert Mitchell son to David Mitchell and Anna Hill. Wits: Roland ?Gray, Thom Haddna (Thomas Hadday m Jenet Elphingstoune) 1670 -Margaret Mitchell parents: David Mitchell Anna Hill. Wits: William Gray, Patrick Caldwells (wife Anna HADDNA), Robert Mitchell. Parshondrs at Newtone all. -David Mitchell former (farmer) in the Hill in the twene of Newtoun & Anna Hill his spouse their son named William. ?? Caldwels in Mussort, William Gray parish of newtoun. -David Mitchell & Anna Hill had one child baptized called Elspeth. Wits: James and John Robertsons (check the William Mitchell + Janet Hill family, see if they connect to this one) -William Mitchell & Helen Wilson in Edbr desire ye benifit of proclamation in order to marriage and were married 1671 -Sarah Mitchel daughter to William Mitchell & Helen Wilson in O(ver) Liberton was born the 10th and bap the 25th of September. Wits: William Mitchell William Brown & James Wilson -Margaret Mitchell daughter to William Mitchell & Helen Wilson in stx? was born 12 and bap 15th of Dec 1672. Wits: William Straton, Robert Hunter, Jerome Mitchell 1672 1674 -Jerome Mitchell and Janet Throburn both in this parish offering ye benifit of proclamed in order to marriage. found cauly? Andrew Mitchell & Adam Mitchell. Were married -William Mitchell & Christian Watson both in this parosh, desiring the benifit of proclamation in order to marriage and found otinrs? William Mitchell and John Baird same record William Dalghesh in the parish of Currie and Helen Lonson? in this, desiring the benefit of proclamation in order to marriage and found tanr? Robert Cunningham, Adam Mitchell. -In Gilmortoun. to William Mitchell & Christian Watson, Wits Henrie Laurie (wife Janet DAGLEISH), James Bannatyne (2 men, wife Anna Currie or Jean Bannatyne) -In Gilmorton to William Mitchell & Christian Watson his spouse, aDN Marion, Wits: Harie(Henry) Lourie, James Ballantyne. 1680 same record -to William Mitchell in Edge & Mary Brown his spouse a SN John. Wits: John Craig & William Brown. 1680 -James son to James Mitchell and Marorie Selflaw [Marion Soeflaw]. Wits: James ?Hriott? & James Grieve in Stanhous 1678 -Issobel daughter to James Mitchell & Marion Saflaw his spouse in Stenhouse was bapt. Wits Thomas Herriot & George Woordie. (woddie) -Christian Mitchell daughter to James Mitchell and Marion Softlaw in Steinhouse in the paroch of Liberton. Wits James Herriot, James Grievs there. -William LS to William Mitchell & Marry Brown in Sontot? Wits: George Flair? and George Mitchell -William Mitchell S to William Mitchell & Mary Brown his spouse was born and bap. Wits George Fare, William Mathie? & William Rede? -Johet D to William Mitchell and Marie Brown in Gilmortoun Edge. Wits: William Brown & James McCalzie? -Katherine d to William Mitchell & Mary Brown his spouse. Wits John Jaffery & John Ferguson 1686 1677 Bap to William Mitchell tailyor and Marion Brown ADN Hugh. Wits: George Drysdale and Andrew Nairne, tailors. *I found a George Drysdale, it could be Drysdale based on the d in the david in the record below that one. I find a George Drysdale married to an Elizabeth Robertson in Canongate, so that's probably it. Then I find an Andrew Nairne married to a Margaret McWale also in Canongate same time period I think those are them -1688 To William Mitchell & Marion Brown ADN Helen. Wits: James Rae late Bailie of Cannongate, Walter Portorfield kirk thesauor (Kirk Treasorer): John Ingles, John Johnston and John Couper Taylors. -1681 William Mitchell tailor and Marion Brown, twins: one named John the other named William. Wits: John Inglis ?? Deacon to the tailors. John Jonstonn, William Davidson, William Simm Tailors. -Robert Brown and Isobell Mitchell had an ? child bap named Katherine. Wits: William & James Symonton, Thomas Brown (& Christian Mitchell), Ried (or Robert) & James Gardener. 1683 (couples: William Symontoun & Katherine Mitchell; James Symonton & Janet Brown 1670; Andrew Symonton & Sarah Mitchell 1697; William Symonton & Elizabeth Robison; Alexander Symenton & Janet Watson; William Smonton & Elizabeth Robertson 1704; James Symonton & Janet Logan 1704) -Robert Brown in Dudingston & Issabel Mitchell his spouse had a S bap N George. Wits: Robert Brown & George Woordie. (woddie) -Robert Brown & Isabell Mitchell had a child bap named Janet, Wit: James and William Symonton -Robert Brown in West Dudingston & Isobel Mitchell his spouse had one infant bap a son N William. Wit: Mr. William Puroe? Purde?, Robert Gordon, Jon Ridpath (Redpath) -Duncan Mitchell in Drumholm & Janet Laing his spouse had AD bap N Jannet (Janet). Wits: John Laing and Thomas Adam 1693 -Marion born to Duncan Mitchell & Janet Laing in Gilmerton. Wits: Finlay Cairnes (wife marion douglas or Jean pringle or their son finlay born 1666), & David Fife (wife Isobel Alexander) -Walter son to Duncan Mitchell & Janet Lang in Drumms-home, was bap. Wits: John Laing & James Cairnes (wife Elizabeth Adam) -Christian Dau to Duncan Mitchell & Janet Lang his sp. Wits: Thomas Aedi? & Mungo Foord -George Inglis in Gilmerton & Christian Mitchell his spouse had a D bap named Janet. Wits: Thomas Miller & James Gibson same record -John Warrock in Upper Liberton & Janet Tait his spouse had a D bap amed Janet. Wits: John Smith and David Mitchell -George Inglis in Gilmerton & Christian Mitchell his sp had a S bap named William. Wits: James Gilson? (Gibson), John Curry 1625 -John Yule & Janet Mitchell child bap named George. Wits: andrew Conguirgud and James Dobie Same record -to David Mitchell and Christian Ferguson LD named Issabell. Wits: Alexander Conquirgud & William Ferguson same record -Clemet Warrock & Sara Dains named Thomas. Wits James Cogurgud, William Cogurgud (Conquergood) same record -John Alchionar & Margaret Davidson child named Andrew. Wits Andrew Coquirgud, Clemet Warrock -John Yule and Janet Mitchell in Over-Liberton child bap named Helen. Wits: David and John Mitchell -1748 Thomas Mitchel in Niddry & Margaret McDougal his spouse had a daughter bap born march 10th, named Agnes. Wits: James Johnston and Alexander Atchison (Liberton) -1778 Alexander Mitchell and Mary Main their daughter Agnes born the 13 July & Bap 20. Wits James Carmichael & Ramsey? Thomson -1651 Thomas Mitchell and Janet Mathie indwellers in Gilmortoun in the parish of Liberton had their two children bapt being twins, the older named William and the younger named John. Wits to the older William Mathie and John Kirkpatrick. Wits to the younger John Baird (wife Helen Greg) and James Mitchell -1688 Patrick son to Wm Mitchell and Mary Brown his spouse bap. Wits: Patrick Gib and John Graig -1643 to David Mathie and Bessie Mitchell his spouse ADN Catherine. Wits: George Mathie, James Mathie & John Pennicooke (wife Agnes Gordoun) same record -to John Baird and Helen Greg his spouse ADN Elspethe. Wits: (can't read) -William Mitchell in Boglesdale & Mary Brown his spouse had a S bap N Thomas Mitchell. Wits James Mitchell & Thomas Witch (Thomas Vetch) -William Mitchell & Grissel Adamson in O Lib (over liberton) an lawfull bap named Issobel. Wits: Mr William Litle (wife prob Catherine Inglis) David Mitchell -William Mitchell & Grissell Adamson bap named William. Wits William Concargood? and William Moburne (William rorburne)? ~~~ other research Born 19th and Bap 23 July 1710, Helen Penman LD to James Penman & Barbara Torrens. Wits: Robert Wilson & James Trotter. other baps on this record: Trotter, Smith, Wilson. Barbara Torans D to John Torans and Issobell Cunningham. Wits: Jas? Torans, Andrew Cunningham ~~~~~~~~~~~ same record (oops, as what, that's ok I can find it) -to David Crawford & Janet Waldie his spouse a DN Helen. Wits William Mitchell & James Warrock same record -to James Moffat & Elspeth Craig his spoue a DN Elspeth. Wits: John Craig, William Mitchell -Edward Cleghorn goldsmyth & Marion Mitchell ADN Jean. Wits: Robert Grevy (Grieve Grive) merchant, William Pearson, William Thomson, Alexander Pearson, John Straiton merchant, George Cleghorn -David Mitchell[sone] yonger merchant & Jonet Gray ADN Marion. Wits: John Robertson, Thomas Glen, William Cunningham merchant, Thomas Dunlop inreater? *note, I've seen notation that David Mitchell was listed as Mitchll, son of David, missinterpreted as David Mitchell son David.. (ie the Mitchellson) same record -John Glen merchant & Jeane Mitchell ASN William. Wits: William Reid, James Glen, Robert Glen, William Johnston merchant, Robert Gordon maltman, William Clerk merchant -David Mitchell younger Merchant & Jonet Grey ADN Catherine. Wits: John Glen, William Cunningham merchant, John Mitchell, Robert Grey. same record -John Glenne merchant & Jeane Mitchell ADN Helen. Wits: William Reid elder merchant, Mr. John Nisbet advocat, George Watson? merchant, Thomas Dunlop wraeater?, Archibald Hunterson, William Austion? Merchants 1673 -Agnes Brunton dau to John Bruntone & Janet Mitchell. Wits: Robert Mitchell, David Mitchell, Edward Brunton and Jamed Brunton -William son to Walter Mitchell & Lilias Straiton in Mortoun (Morton) was bap. Wits: William Straiton and Mr James Mitchell same record -Janet dau to James Mitchell & Elizabeth Gibson in Gilmerton was bap. Wits: William Richardson & Thomas Tannihill -Walter Mitchell in Mortoun and Lilias Straton his spouse ADN Elspeth. Wits: Adam Mitchell and James Hog - 1672 Walter Mitchell Lock-smyth & Elspeth Mungall ASN Walter. Witnesses David Glen merchant, James Lightbodie printer and James Mitchell Locksmyth..... - 1879 Walter Mitchell Locksmyth, Elspeth Mungall ASN Hew. Wits Gilbert Thomson, James Mitchell locksmyth & Mr Hew Kinross indweller. *note Walter's parents are James Mitchell portioner of Gilmerton and Margaret Tannihill* (see below) -1642 James Mitchell & Margaret Tamihill his spouse an infant bap named Thomas. Wits John Creichton & James Carines -1658 John Mitchell parents James Mitchell and Catharin Gilchrist in Liberton parish. Wits: James Elder and William Gray -1654 Bap to Adam Mitchell in Straton Milne & Marion Aitken his spouse a SN William. Wits: William Robertsone, John Cas and William Mitchell -1656 Steven Mitchell Merchant & Elspeth Purdie, ASN James. Wits James Mitchell, brother to said Steven, John Anderson writter, John Thorebrend? and John Mitchell and Robert Mitchell merchant. -Steven Mitchell merchant & Elspeth Purdie ASN Alexander. Wits: Alexander Hunter farmourne? (farmer), William Mitchell older baxter, John Alexander writter to his majesties signet. William Lan (?William Law) merchant, John Anderson and James Somervill writers. -1688 John son to William Mitchell and Christian Young his spouse bap. Wits Jerom Mitchell and Mark Greig -1693 William Mitchell in Upper Liberton & Christian Young his spouse had AS bap named Andrew. Wits Marc Gregg (Mark Greig) James Brown. -Marriage Contracted William Mitchell & Christian Young both in this parish. Jerom Mitchell for the man and Patrick Fairbairn for the bride. Married 20 April 1687 -James Mitchell and Elizabeth Gibson his spouse in Gilmerton had a S bap N William. Wits: Thomas Tannihill and William Mitchell -William Mitchell in Gilmerton and Elizabeth Smith his spouse had a dau bap (born July 9) named Alison, Wits: John Stevenson and James Alison -1733 James Alison in Gilmerton and Mary Barrowman his spouse had a son Bap N John. Wits: George Rankin & William Mitchell -James Alison in Gilmerton and Mary Barrowman his spouse had a D Bap N May. Wits: David Black and John Laury -John Stevenson in Gilmerton and Helen Thomson his spouse AD bap N Susan. Wits William Gray & William Mitchell (spouse Elizabeth Smith) -1743 Alexander Robison in HowdensHall and Helen Tweedie his spouse had a son Bap N George. Wits: John Robison and Robert Laury same record John Stevenson in Gilmerton and Helen Thomson his spouse had a dau bap N Janet. Wit William Gray and George Stevenson -1732 James Robison in South Leith and Ann Gray in this parish (Liberton) had a son bap (begotten in fornication and born March 17) names James. Wits John Handiside(pos wife Elizabeth Allan) and William Mason (possible link to William Mitchell & Elizabeth Smith) -1732 marriage: Thomas Mitchell and Agnes Smith both in Liberton Parish. For the man Alexander Atchison and for woman Andrew Handiside. -1733 John Handiside in Niddry and Lilias Gray spouse ASN Nicole. Wits. Nicol Gray, John Robison. -1733 Andrew Handiside in Niddry and Janet Laury spouse ADN Mary. Wits Hugh Handiside, John Pringle. Same record -William Mitchell Gilmerton Elizabeth Smith spouse ASN Joseph. Wits William Rankin and Joseph Mitchell. -1725 John Handiside in Niddry ad Elizabeth Allan spouse ADN Agnes. Wits Charles Allan(pos wife Margaret Elphingston) and Hew Handiside (pos wife Margaret drysdale) -1743 Patrick Rennie in Gilmerton and Elspeth Smith spouse ASN Alexander. Wits Alexander Smith & John Stevenson same record -James Anderson in Gilmerton and Elizabeth Gray spouse ADN Jean. Wits Alexander Sharp & William Rankin same record -John Fulerton in Craigmiller and Margaret Dickson spouse ASN George. Wits James Telfer & John Fulton same record (get credits to finish) -James Robison in Gilmerton and & Agnes Bennet his spouse ADN Mary. Wits James Bennet and Walter Bennet (dont think connection with this James Robison, there are others) -1741 (same rec as Agnes Mitchell born to Wm & Elizabeth Smith) Alexander Robison in HowdensHall & Helen Tweedie spouse ASN Abraham. Wits John Robison & James Williamson. same record -James Robison in Niddry & Margaret Williamson his spouse ASN John. Wits William Duncan & Archibald Cook (possible connection with surname Mutter) -1745 James Robison in Niddry northmains & Margaret Williamson spouse ADN Katherine. Wits Andrew and Adam Symonton -1735 *Robert Watson & Jean Corssar ASN John. Wits John Mcmillan flesher elder and James Simpson same record -James Borrowman and Margaret Grierson ASN Thomas. Wits Robert Murray and John Robertson** (Borrowman connection to Joseph Mitchell and Janet Robertons) same record -Nicol Robertson and Margaret Brodie ASN Adam. Wits Adam Mitchell tenant in Colden? (Calder) and John Robertson** -John Porteous+ & Helen Mitchell (+wit on Marion Mitchell's birth, dau of Joseph Mitchell & Jean Robertson) Children: -1704 Janet Porteous parents John Porteous & Helen Mitchell. Wits David Gladstones (wife Isobell Dick), John Collyar (wife Euphan Eliot), James Mitchell (too many in area to pinpoint wife) same record (bottom) -Janat Tannihil, parents William Tannihill & Margaret Thomson. Wits Alexander Thomson, William Carrie? (William Currie?), Thomas Nicolson. - 1705 Helen Porteous - parents John Porteous Helen Mitchell. Wits James Mitchell David Gladstones (gladstanes) Robert Rennie. same record -Adam Aitken. Parents George Aitken Elspeth Fairgriese? Wits Adam Mitchell, Robert Mitchell Thomas Kirkwood -1714 John Porteous Smith in Canongate and Helen Mitchell spouse, ADN Isabell. Wits James Johnstone & Robert Kay - Thomas Porteous parents John Porteous Helen Mitchell. Wits Robert Renny (pos wife Sicill) David Gladstones (pos wives Isobell Dick & Katherine Semple 2 wives same man i think), Andrew Jairdon Dalkeith (wife Agnes Fotheringhame) -1719 John Porteous Hamerman in potterow and Helen Mitchell souse ASN John. Wits Robert Mercer Tailor in Potterow and John Chrystie Tailor -1705 Helen parents John Porteous Helen Mitchell. Wits James Mitchell David Gladstones (gladstanes) Robert Rennie. same record -Adam Aitken. Parents George Aitken Elspeth Fairgriese? Wits Adam Mitchell, Robert Mitchell Thomas Kirkwood. -1685 James Thomson and Marion Mitchell had a child bap called Joseph. Wits Thomas Wuolson(wilson or watson) and James Chyronsyd? (*James Chirinsyd wife Elizabeth Whyte) -1682 Thomas Mitchell (Sailor) & Jonet Mitchell spouse ADN Helen. wits William Mitchell and John Wardlaw younger (wife Bessie Mitchell) in Bridgend -1688 Thomas Mitchell (Sailor) and Janet Mitchell ASN Thomas. Wits William Mitchell John Wardlaw -1681 John Wardlaw Bettsie Mitchell spouse ASN James. Wits James Wardlaw. Gavin Mitchell - 1691 John Wardlaw and Agnes Mitchell spouse. ASN Alexander. Wits James and William Wardlaw - 1682 Joseph Mitchell & Marion Bapty in the parosh of Ratho had ADN Mary. Wits Alexander Couin? & William Knonis? Joseph brought a tostifital subt by the thrb Curry? -1705 twins William & Helen Mitchell. parents James Mitchell Bessie Stuart. Wits William Dewar, Alexander Harrest? Herriot? -not thinking connection - 1695 Thomas Mitchell sailor in Norohaven and Janet Mitchell his wife AS bap James. Wits John Smyth and Alexander Pannay? (Finnie) - 1678 Thomas Mitchell (Sailor) and Janet Mitchell had AD N Marion. Wits John Morston? Robert Robertson. - 1718 David Gibson Janet Lawrie ADN ________ born April 23, bap Apr 29. Wits William Gibb (Gibson?), Andrew McMillan -1730 William Rankin in Gilmerton and Margaret Mutter his sp ADN Janet. Wits Andrew Smart (wife Ann Mutter) and James Hay (wife Elizabeth/Bettie Thomson) -1726 William Rankin meal maker and Margaret Mutter his sp. ASN Daniel. Wits Andrew Smart (wife Ann Mutter) & David Finnie meal makers -1727 Robert son legal to Joseph Mitchell and Jean Robertson in Lasswade. Wits James Simpson (pos wife Marion Brown +others) and William Telfer (wife Janet Wilson) younger -1725 Marion Dau Legal to Joseph Mitchell and Jean Robertson in Lasswade. Wits John Porteous (prob wife Helen Mitchell) and John Muster? (John Mutter wife prob Elizabeth/Bessie Wilson) -1723 James son Legal to Joseph Mitchell & Jean Robertson in Lasswade. Wits: John Munless younger & James Stodart in Lonhead same record -Isobell dau legal to James Mutter & Christian Dick in Lasswade. Wits William Gray & James Tod younger (*note There was a John Mutter who was a portioner in Gilmerton prior to 1713 re: Dick, William, indw. in S. L. p.; Margaret Mutter, d. of late John M., portioner of Gilmerton, in Liberton par. 25 Jan 1713 , m. 13 Feb 1713) -1700 John Telfer and Jean Boyd in Westport ASN Joseph. Wits Joseph Thomson & Robert Smith (note* Thomson, Joseph, B., servitor to Widow Ramadge, tanner in West Port, for 20 legged dollars, by act of C. of this date 23 Sep 1692) -1704 Thomas Robertson cordiner in Bells-milne and Janet Telfor ADN Jean. Wits: William Byers, John Thomson indwellers yre? (Thomas and Janet Telfor are proposed Jean Robertson's parents) -1711 Thomas Robertson and Jane Telfier in Bells Milne ADN Elizabeth. Wits Mathi Byers & William (Rotsone) Robertson. same record -David Mitchell & Margaret Braiden in Pleasants ASN Joseph. Wits Joseph Mitchell and William Currie. -*Bells Milne Thomas Robertson & Jane Telfier on same record as Joseph Mitchell birth to David Mitchell and Margaret Braiden in Pleasants.* -1729 Margaret DL to James Mitchell and Marion Monless in Nether houses. Wits Thomas Monless in Lonhead & William Mitchell in Lonhead. -1731 Anne, DL to James Mitchell & Marion Munless in Nether Houses. Wits James Johnstoun & John Tanihill in Lasswade. -1666 Joseph Mitchell Margaret Thomson ASN John. Wits: William Yull? Yule, Jon Mitchell -1737 Robert Watson and Jean corssar had ASN James. Wits: Samuel McClellan portioner and James Watson Deacon of the Baxters -1702 James Robison in Langlane? and Cycill McAllan spouse ASN Alexander. Wits Alexander McAllan & John Clarke -1721 David Mason in Greenend and Margaret Allan spouse had two daug bap. Oldest Alison, younger Elspeth. Wits: Robert Dryden, Alexander Smith -1734 David Mason in Gilmerton and Margaret Allan his spouse ASN William. Wits David Ker & George Ker. (a robert kerr was a portioner in gilmerton) same record -John Stevenson in Gilmerton and Helen Thomson spouse ADN Helen. Wits William Gray & Robert Watson -1690 Margaret Allan Dau to William Allan and Alison Drova. Wits James Ruh?lono and Patrick Porteous (wife prob Isabel Smith) -1740 James Glover in Gilmerton and Agnes Crawford spouse ADN Barbara. Wits John Warock and John Davidson -1741 James Glover & Elizabeth Stodart had ADN Elizabeth. Wits James Glover Grandfather and Jamed McMillan younger flesher - 1694 David Mitchell in Upper Liberton and Alison Tait his spouse ASN William. Wits James Brown, Andrew Corksone -1692 (marriage) David mitchell in Liberton Paroch and Alison Tait in the Paroch of Corstorphine [Corstarfing] and proclaimed. Cautioners James Brown and Thomas Herriot -1666 William Johnstoun and Marion Mitchell in Ravilstoun, ASN John. Wits John Johnston, John Brown Thomas (Kindor? Hindor?) Hunter? same record John Tait in Saughtorne and Helen Yearstom twins names Agnes & Margaret. Wits John Yearstoun older, James Haldon, Thomas Bailly -1744 Alexander Flemming in Gilmerton & Margaret Gibson spouse ASN Alexander. Wits John Cation & Robert Fleming -1673 John Tait Farmer in Saughtoune and Helen Yearstoun ADN Alison. Wits: James Haldan, James Eastoune Robert Dyks there - 1706 Alexander Mitchell (Brewer) Helen Wisheart ADN Agnes. Wits Alexander Mackie (wife Margaret Gardner), Andrew? Howison ( wife Katherine Frazer/Frizel lasswade) - 1709 Alexander Mitchell Brewer at Craigwell, Helen Wishart ADN Helen. Wits Narnin Thrift Wright in Caltoun & John Robertson Dyster yr(there?) same record -George Stoupart Maltmaker in Leith & Katherine Mitchell spouse ADN Marion. Wits Robert Anderson maltman Leith, Robert Mitchell Maltmaker - 1715 Alex Mitchell (brewer) Helen Wishart, ASN Joseph Mitchell In Canon-milns asn Joseph. Wits James Greenfield miller there and William Anderson Weaver in Water of Leith -1724 Alexander Mitchell turner? in Canongate & Helen Wishart spouse. ADN Jean. Wits John Cowner? and John dalerson? - 1729 Walter Mitchell farmer? Ann Ainsley ASN Adam. Wits Adam Ainsely Hatmaker, Adam Mitchell Stoikm? maker same record - Hugh Mitchell white iron smith & Margaret Guly ASN George. Wits John Shall? Candlemaker, George Skinner ribbonweaver. -24 Dec 1747 Robert Mitchel, barber and wig-maker journeyman in Leith: and Barbara Fotheringham, shop-keeper in the Canongate. (Banns.) Wits.--James Oliphant, wig-maker in the Canongate, John Armour and George Yorston. In the house of the said James Oliphant - 693/00 0050 0083 | Robert Cunningham, Adam Mitchell | Same rec as William Mitchell & Christian Watson -1676- James Mitchell and Agenes Penman ASN James. Wits John Tweedie and John Porteous **- 1684 James Mitchell & Agnes Penman had a child bap called Agnes. Wits Robert Porteous & John Baxter. same record -William Hunter and Margaret Mitchell had a child bap called Thomas. Wits Thomas Wilson & George Blaickie (Blankie) -1700 James Penman Helen Baxter ADN Marion. Wits James Baxter & Alexander Penman - 1703 The deceased James Mitchell and Helen Baxter had a son born the 5th of December & baptized Dec 12 named William. Wits: ? Penman & James Baxter and Also James? Baxter became Sponsor. (could this William be connected to our William Mitchell & Elizabeth Smith?) -1707 William Mitchell white iron smyth burges and janet hill spouse ASN Joseph. Wits: David Baxter, Baxter, James Chrystie Merchant Burgess (could this be connected to our William Mitchell & Elizabeth Smith?) - 1731 William Mitchell Tanner in Pleasants & Isabel Meek ASN Joseph. Wits Robert Pringle cordiner, John Robertson both Cordiners in Pleasants. - 1682 Joseph Mitchell & Maron Bapty in the paroch of Ratho (registered in Kirkliston) ADN Mary. Wits Alexander Coum (Couin) & William Knonis (Knolis)(wife Margaret Mark) *note - (this Joseph and Marion also had a son named William): Mitchell, Wm., s. to umq. Joseph M., fermorer in Ratho, p. to Patrick Anderson, white iron smith (B.) 16 Feb 1698 - 1684 Joseph (wife Marion Bapty) Mitchell ADN Katherine (no wits) *same record Walter Mutter ASN James Same record John Mitchell ASN Hugh Same record Robert Wilkie ASN Alexander (no wits on these) Ratho notes Hadden, Jonet, sometime spouse to George Mitchel, in Ratho, par. of Ratho, sher. of Edinburgh 27 Dec 1630 - 09/05/1697 - BAXTER ALEXANDER ALEXANDER BAXTER/HELEN LEIRMONT FR553 DALKEITH /MIDLOTHIAN 683/00 0020 0160 Learmont / - 1767 Charles Mitchell Gardner in Bustotsp? & Janet Gilmore ASN Joseph. Wits: Mr Tough, Mrs Hunter, Mrs. Hay - 1667 John Dunlop tailor, Helen Mitchell ASN Archibald. Wits Archibald Lean (Law?) writter, Arthure Temple Chiringiar, John Wilkie (Wickie?) cordiner William Kilpatrick tailer. -1672 John Dunlop tailer Helen Mitchell ADN John. Wits John Maxwell tailer, John Wilkie cordener, John Bronar - 1669 Nicoll Mitchell cordiner Mary Thomson ADN Rachel. Wits: Patrick Taylifier (Telfer) tailer, John Dunlop (wife Helen Mitchell) tailer and William Thomson Cordiner - 1682 Nicoll Mitchell cordiner Marie Thomson ADN Isobel. Wits: Ard? Archibald? Brunton, Robert Mitchell Andrew Walker -1669 Catherine to John Mitchell Soldier & Isabell Justice: Wits: William Mitchell Gun-smith, Walter Smyth Writter (wife prob Elizabeth Douglas), William Brotherstains (Brotherstones wife prob Helen Mathie) Tailor, William Mitchell barber (*note WE NEED TO SOLVE: WHO IS WILLIAM MITCHELL GUN SMITH?) Same record -James Weir Tanner Catherine Reid ADN Jonet. Wits Hugh Weir tailer, Adem Weir Tailer & James Mitchell locksmith -1675 John Mitchell Souldier Issobell Justice ASN William. Wits John Falconer Souldier, George Gib, William Mitchell Gunsmith -1677 John Mitchell Souldier Isobel Justice ASN Joseph: Wits William Mitchell Gunsmith, John Muir Stabuler (Stabler?), Hew Weir, Tailor -1676 Steven Mitchell (& prob Elspeth Purdie) ADN Anna. Wits: John Anderson, John Alexander writers, William Law, George Brown merchant same record -John Muir Stabular & Anna Halyburtoun ASN James. Wits James Waderstoun tanner, John Speid writter, james Lithgon merchant. -1679 John Mitchell Souldier Isobel Justice ADN Robecca. Wits Sergeant John Pollok, William Mitchell gunsmyth, Patrick drysdale (newbattle) locksmyth (wife Janet Brown) -1682 John Mitchell Souldier Issobel Justice ADN Rachell. Wits William Mitchell Gunsmith, George Watt and Walter Vaix? indweller -1706 Robert Main, Rachel Mitchell had ADN Agnes. Wits: John Wedderlum, Thomas Cardsly same record -James Dick, Margaret Mitchell spouse ASN James. Wits: James Robertsoun John Edmond (pos wife Helen Mitchell) *note* Drysdale, Patrick, son to David D., farmer in Newbottle, with Robert Braidwood, locksmith 14 Mar 1666 *note* Brown, Wm., B., locksmith, as p. to Patrick Drysdale, locksmith, B. 04 Sep 1695 *note* Drysdale, Patrick, B., locksmyth, as p. to Robert Braidwood, locksmyth, B. ( 14 Mar 1666 ) 21 Jan 1674 *note* Brown (Broun, Browne) Janet; Patrick Drysdale, locksmith 30 Apr 1672 List: wits for William Mitchell & Elizabeth Smith children: -Alison 1732: John Stevenson (done lib tree), James Alison (done lib tree) -Joseph 1733: Joseph Mitchell (done lib tree) William Rankin (done libtree) -1734: Benjamin: John Stevenson (done lib tree) James Alison (done lib tree) -1736 John: James Robinson (Robison?) Robert Watson (there is a robert Watson portioner in Dalkeith- wife Jean Cossar in lib tree) -1737 James: James Robison & John Stevenson -1739 William: David Mason (wife Margaret Allan) & James Glover (wife Agnes Crawford) -1741 Agnes: Robert Watson, John Stevenson -1743 Hugh: John Stevenson & William Laury -1747 Robert: John Stevenson & James Robison parish key N. E. p. = North-East (sub-)parish of Edinburgh N. K. p. = North Kirk (sub-)parish of Edinburgh N. N. K. p. = New North Kirk (sub-)parish of Edinburgh N. W. p. = North-West (sub-)parish of Edinburgh O. = Old S. E. p. = South-East (sub-)parish of Edinburgh S. K. p. = South Kirk (sub-)parish of Edinburgh S. S. E. p. = South-south-east (sub-)parish of Edinburgh S. W. p. = South-West (sub-)parish of Edinburgh Military: -Mitchell (Michell), Alexr., B., indweller, gratis, as soldier in Capt. Rae's company of militia 22 Sep 1669 -Mitchell (Michell, Mitchel, Mytchell) James, soldier; Lilias Wood 20 Aug 1663 -Mitchell (Michell, Mitchel, Mytchell) William, soldier; Marjory Painter 02 Mar 1671 -Burleigh, Mary, daughter of John Burrly, porter in Edinburgh, and William Mitchell, soldier in the 75th Regiment 22 Aug 1789 -Hay, Agnes, daughter of --- Hay, late mariner, and Archibald Mitchell, soldier in the West Lothian Fencibles 31 Jan 1799 -Johnstoun, Agnes, spouse to James Mitchell, soldier in General Monk's Company 07 May 1656 -Mitchell, Andrew, soldier, his child 04 Mar 1663 -Mitchell, Andrew, soldier, his son (Thomas) 18 Apr 1666 -Mitchell, Andrew, soldier, a child 03 Sep 1676 -Mitchell, James, soldier, his child 21 Apr 1661 -Mitchell, James, soldier, his child 30 Mar 1662 -Mitchell, James, soldier, his daughter Catherine 22 Feb 1674 -Mitchell, James, soldier, a child, poor; road foot 10 Feb 1700 -Mitchell, John, soldier, his son John 30 Oct 1674 -Mitchell, John, soldier in the Castle, a halflin; Heriot gate 03 Apr 1688 -Mitchell, John, soldier, a child; Brwn tomb 01 Nov 1700 -Mitchell, Thomas, soldier, a child; road foot 06 Apr 1694 -Mitchell, Thomas, soldier, a child; west side causeway 05 Aug 1694 WRIGHT, Benjamin Christening Gender: Male Birth Date: 23 May 1740 Birthplace: Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland Recorded in: Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland Father: William WRIGHT Mother: Mary SMITH MILL, Joseph Bir 1760 Scot Midl SouLei Fa: Robert MILL Mo: Janet MITCHELL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ other research - 1853 Ann Mitchell b 11 Aug 1853: James Mitchell Policeman residing in Huntly had a dau by his wife Margaret Cantlie. Born on the 11th Aug and baptized named Ann, before Wits: John Smith and William Geddes. ~~~content added JANUARY 26 2011 after web page made 1st time~~~ Marriage - June 8th 1765 - Robert Beg wright at March Hall (s in Newington on Dalkieth Road) & Janet Mitchell daughter to Robert Mitchell wright at Spring Garden (is just north of Holyroad Park, near Abby Hill Road About a 6 minute drive or an hour walk.) -1766 Robert Beg Wright in Causwayside & sp Janet Mitchell a son James born 5th. Wits: James Mitchell wright there, Robert Beg Gardner at Rosehill (Roshill) (I think Robert Beg at Rosehall is Roberts father see quote: Begg, Mary, daughter to Robert Beg at Roshall in the Westkirk parish, and Robert Rammage, servant to Mr. Knox in the King's Park 05 Jun 1752 - so Robert HAS a sister named Mary) - 1769 Robert Beg wright in Cross Causway & Spouse Janet Mitchell a Son Robert. Wits James Mitchell Archibald Beg Wrights there. -1774 Robert Beg, Wright at Cross Causwayside & Jannet Mitchell his spouse had a dau born sabbath, 6th curet named Katherine. Wits Archibald Begg wright in Bristo & John Willson baxter in Edinburgh. -1768 John Wilson Druggist New Gray Friars Parish and Marion Mitchell his spouse a son named Sommervile. Bap by the Rev. Mr. Thomas White on ? at Liberton in the Presbeyery of Edinburgh. - 1769 James Mitchell wright in New Gray Friers Parish and Christian Williamson spouse ASN Alexander. Wits Thomas Gardner Brewer, Robert Wuart (Euart?)Merchant, Both in said parish. - 1781 Robert Begg, wright in Cross Causway and Janet Mitchell spouse a dau named Jacobina. Wits Archibald Begg wright in Edinburgh, and Joseph Begg Taylor in Liberton Dams -1790 David Begg Potter? Marion Lawrie ASN Joseph. Wits James Bain John Arnot -1748 Joseph Beg in Liberton Dams and Jean Blyth spouse ADN Elizabeth. Wits Colin Valance and William Afleck - 1794 Andrew Mitchell, weaver in Broughton and Mary Simpson his spoouse hd a son born named David. Wits: Alexander Cameron shoemaker in Edinburgh, James Ranken Lapidary there. Lapidary=Stoneworker same record - 1794 Robert Beg, wright in Cross Causway and Janet Mitchell ADN Jean. Wits: Archibald Begg and Mathew Comb, wrights in Edinburgh. -1739 John Mitchell (indexed as James) wright in Grange & Janet Smith ADN Margaret. Wits John Burnet, smith in Briston & John Mitchell indweller in Grange. - 1749 To James Mitchell Jeweler and Margaret Baillie spouse ADN Margaret. Wits Robert Reid writter to the Signet & Alexander Mitchell of ?edath bap 7 by Mr Mathon Monerces Ministeral in Zelland -1755 Margaret Mitchell born to James Mitchell in Loanhead (Loan head) and Lillas Tait spouse: Wits: William Manylaws and Robert Allan same record: James Blackie Son L to Thomas Blackie gardiner in Loanhead (Loan Head) & Anne Mitchell spouse. Wits Robert White and JOhn Manylaws 1761 Margaret Mitchell born to James Mitchell and Mary Stewart -1692 Joseph Mitchell & Jean Listoun both in this parish married. 685/02 0150 0069 -1795 Joseph Mitchell gentlemans servant and residenter & Margaret Duncan, dau of John Duncan from Monger in Hamilton gave their names for marriage -Brown, James, architect, St. Cuthbert's p., and Miss Janet, Old Kirk p., d. of Mr. William Dempster, jeweler 27 Jun 1782 (rules out William Dempster as being husband of Margaret Mitchell, because in this record, it doesn't say deceased, and we know that William D who married Margaret died in 1777). - Dempster, William, mason in Tron p., and Helen, d. to deceast Robert Wright, schoolmaster in p. of Glenbervie, now in New North p. 11 May 1760 ~~new records added June 2011~~~~

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